Turn your Android phone into an SMS gateway!

Send and receive messages in a simple way!

  1. <?php
    • require "bulkSms.php"
    • $bulkSms = new bulkSms('token');
    • $deviceId = 1;
    • $number = '+48123456789';
    • $message = 'Hello World!';
    • $result = $bulkSms->sendMessageToNumber($number, $message, $deviceId);
  4. ?>

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Device #1

'Hello World!'

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How it works?

Bulk-SMS.io is a tool designed by people for people. We know how hard entrepreneurship is at the beginning and we also know how being cost effective is important for larger companies. Bulk-SMS.io is a complex tool for SMS Marketing and mass communication through SMS. From the computer you will be able to send and receive SMS just like your mobile devices. Send one message to multiple users at the same time. Conveniently create recipient groups and in a blink of an eye, have messages sent out to your desired groups! Thanks to our special API, you can integrate our system with your own app, shop or other services including CRM and ERP systems!

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